About Andrew Mercer

Andrew Mercer Limited continues a textile tradition dating back to 1868 when M Lodge & Son Ltd was founded in Manchester. Andrew Mercer Limited was actually established in 1975, and as well as M Lodge & Son, includes a number of trading divisions, R & J Partington (1920) and Indo African Exports. Owned by the Kapadia family, Indo African was formed in 1945 by Mr Babubhai Kapadia. It was set up to export cloth from the UK to India and Africa (hence the name). As times changed, the company began importing cloth from India and it acquired the other companies in the group along the way. The business was sold to a Public Company in 1988 but bought back by Andrew Mercer Limited in 1992.

The group also has interests in an equestrian supply business, Matchmakers International Limited and a web development company, Athernet Ltd.