Welcome to Andrew Mercer

Andrew Mercer Ltd specialises in supplying household and other textile fabrics to companies in the UK and Europe. We import from all over the world and specialise in sheeting fabric and shirting fabrics, interlinings and blackout fabrics. We are also major suppliers of feather and downproof fabrics.

Our Heritage

In 1945 just at the end of the second world war, the UK was still the heart of the fabric production industry as cotton was being shipped to Manchester. The cotton was spun in to fabric then exported around the world. We were originally based in London but in 1952 we moved to Manchester as it remained the heart of the cotton industry.


Between 1975 and 2000, we acqired numerous companies including M Lodge & Son Ltd and R & J Partington, both of which had been dealing in textiles for many years dating back to 1766. In 2000 we joined with the management of Matchmakers International to buy the equestrian business from Stylo PLC. Matchmakers ons a number of brands including Harry Hall, Masta and Tottie.

Manchester is well known as the heart of the industrial revolution. It used to be at the centre of the world trade in cotton and even had its own Cotton Exchange.